Sliding Wardrobe Doors Cheshire

There are many factors to consider when designing a bedroom. One consideration is the type of wardrobe that you want. Free standing wardrobes can look great but they can also look out of place especially if you buy individual items of furniture rather than a whole set. Another problem with freestanding wardrobes is the poor ratio of storage space to floor space when compared to a fully fitted wardrobe.

We offer a large catalogue of sliding wardrobe doors

Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes is pleased to offer a large catalogue of sliding wardrobe doors Cheshire homeowners can take advantage of. With our catalogue there is no need to break the bank to enjoy a good looking bedroom design and you can also ensure that you have high quality furniture that utilise every last bit of space that your bedroom, or the bedroom that you are designing, has to offer. Browse our stock to get a greater idea of what we have to offer.

With sliding wardrobes Cheshire buyers can enjoy the luxury of having more storage space. Slotting a freestanding wardrobe into an alcove or beside the bed means that you will take up a lot of room but not enjoy an equal amount of storage room. There will inevitably be a gap at the edges of the wardrobe as well as above it. Whereas, with fitted wardrobes this isn’t necessarily the case.

We design to meet your needs

The doors themselves, along with the frame and the inside of the wardrobe can be designed to meet your needs. Folding doors are suitable if you have enough space to open them while aluminium or steel doors are tougher and longer lasting. They also come in many other designs and styles, of which there are many for you to choose from. As well as natural wood looking finishes you can opt for bright and bold colours that really make a statement.

With sliding wardrobe doors you will make the most of every bit of space. The door slides across the wardrobe and this means that you don’t have to make any allowance for the size and spread of the wardrobe door in your bedroom design. Instead, you can use the extra space that it creates for whatever you like.