Fitted Wardrobes Warrington

When looking for the best fitted wardrobes Warrington buyers can rely on Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes. Not only can we provide you with some of the strongest and longest lasting wardrobes but they are made to measure and are designed according to your specifications. These bespoke wardrobes can give your room the perfect finish while proving highly functional in offering you one of the best possible storage solutions available for the bedroom.

Give your room the perfect finish

The doors of the wardrobe are the most visible aspect. As such, when creating the design this is the area where the majority of attention is paid. This also means that it is the area of your wardrobe design where there is greater choice compared to any other areas. Obviously the frame is important and so too is the inside of the wardrobe but it is the doors which you can use to make a statement or to perfectly complement the look of the rest of your home.

One of the least expensive wardrobe door options is MFC. Melamine Faced Chipboard may conjure up images of 1980s flat packed furniture but the modern equivalent is far removed. Effectively a picture of wood effect is printed onto numerous sheets of melamine film and these are then heat processed onto a sheet of chipboard. The end result is not only a convincing wood effect but a great range of colours and other choices.

Steel is another cost effective solution. It offers greater strength than MFC and it can have a number of finishes added to the metal in order to give you the kind of finish you want in your bedroom. You can have a mirror finish or a wood effect finish added to the doors when they are made from steel.

Choose the material that best suits your needs

At Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes we also offer aluminium sliding doors. These are similar to steel with regards to the fact that they offer strength and durability but they are typically a lot lighter while still lasting for a lifetime. Choose the material that best suits your needs as well as your budget. Contact Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes today if you want to ask any questions about your choice of door material – we are always happy to answer questions and help ensure you make the right decision for you.