Fitted Wardrobes Chester

Fitted wardrobes Chester offer homeowners and buyers the ideal opportunity to free up some room in their bedroom or to make better use of the space that currently exists. Many of us have a tendency to try and cram as much as possible into the wardrobes and drawers that are in the bedroom. Obviously, clothing and makeup may well belong in the bedroom, but in some cases you will also find items like books and study aids, home office equipment, and more.

We design, fit, and install fitted wardrobes

With Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes you can have a team of professionals design, fit, and install fitted wardrobes that are ideal for storing virtually any item. These fitted wardrobes are usually considered highly beneficial because they offer greater storage space when compared to free standing wardrobes. This can obviously prove very beneficial for those with smaller bedrooms but equally so for anybody that simply wants to ensure that they make the most of every bit of space they have.

Small rooms tend to suffer for a lack of storage. Once a bed has been added it leaves little room for things like wardrobes. This is especially true when you attempt to calculate the amount of room that is needed when opening the doors of the wardrobe. You will usually need to add at least a couple of feet to the front of the wardrobe and this can make a big difference when attempting to design your room.

Save space with sliding wardrobe doors

While you will still need room to stand when you are looking for things in your wardrobe, it isn’t necessary to have to allow room for the door to open. One door slides over another and this totally alleviates the necessity to have too much additional room left spare at the front of your wardrobe.

At Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes we are proud to offer a bespoke, custom design service that can ultimately provide you with the perfect wardrobe for your needs and for the room that you have. You can also choose from a great range of designs, materials, and styles therefore ensuring that you enjoy a good looking and highly functional bedroom.