Fitted Bedrooms Warrington

Whether you are just looking for fitted wardrobes or full fitted bedrooms Warrington buyers can rely on the expertise and top quality products that are designed and manufactured by Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes. Whatever the size of your room and whatever your special requirements you have for your furniture you can meet and exceed them with our bespoke furniture design service.

Customised design to suit your bedroom

During an initial site visit we will take careful measurements of your room and the space where you want your new wardrobes and other furniture to go. We will discuss with you any features, other than sliding doors, which can help to maximise every inch of space you have in your room. Angled doors, for example, can prove a highly beneficial means of enjoying even more space for your furniture. We will also consider the placement of any radiators and other items of furniture as well as the position of your bed.

By considering all of these factors we are then able to provide you with a quote for your new fitted bedroom before designing the furniture. We will discuss the merits of the different materials and design features that can be used in the design. Steel and aluminium are the most commonly used materials and while the former is often considered to be the cost effective solution it also offers great looks. Aluminium has the benefit of being stronger and more lightweight so the choice really is yours.

We work to your requirements

Ultimately, while it is us that creates the design for fitted bedrooms, Warrington homeowners and buyers have the final say on everything. We will work to your specifications and requirements in order to ensure that you end up with the furniture and the bedroom that you so desire.

Every room has different requirements. These requirements may come in the size of the space that is available, the dimensions that are required, or the preferred look of the finished design. We will take everything into account while creating the design and this helps ensure that you are fully satisfied with the finished design; after all, it is your bedroom that we’re designing so it is important that you get what you want.