Fitted Bedrooms Stockport

When choosing fitted bedrooms Stockport residents can pick from a great range of quality materials that come in many styles and designs. From contemporary to classic and from wood finish to heavy duty metal it is possible to get the look that you want. At Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes we offer an extensive catalogue of sliding doors and custom furniture to help ensure that you really do enjoy the look and style of furniture that you want.

A greater use of the space in your bedroom

Sliding doors are a useful addition to a small space. Typically, they are added to fitted wardrobes in order to gain greater use of the space that is available. While a folding door will require the use of some of the bedroom once open, this isn’t the case with sliding doors. One door slides over another and this means that no additional room is required; the fitted wardrobe can be placed right up to the walls and there’s no need to leave too much room between bed and wardrobe either.

Large bedrooms can also benefit from having a fitted wardrobe. Double and even triple wardrobes can seem completely lost in large rooms. There will be a lot of wall space left but with a fitted wardrobe it is possible to take greater advantage of this space. You can enjoy much more storage space too while also enjoying the greater functionality offered by your new bedroom furniture.

Increased storage space

Any size room can benefit from a fitted wardrobe. It offers ore storage space than a free standing wardrobe would require because it will usually stretch from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. If you have things like radiators that are located halfway across the wall or you want furniture to be fitted on the same wall that your bed fits then fitted bedrooms are almost certainly your best option.

Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes fitted bedrooms offer a uniform look throughout your room. Attempting to build your own furniture, or buying pieces individually as you see them means that you can end up with what is best described as an eclectic design. With custom, fitted furniture and our interior design service you can be assured of a stunning and uniform look for your bedroom.