Fitted Bedrooms Manchester

The bedroom is a very special room in the house. It typically requires a lot of storage to store clothes and will often become the room where a vast array of items from bed linen to books and from toys to home office equipment will be stored. The intelligent use of space is essential because this will help to ensure that your bedroom does everything that you want it to.

Customised wardrobe units

The intelligent use of space is something that we at Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes pride ourselves on. We utilise sliding doors because these require less room to use than folding doors. We can also customise a wardrobe unit so that it exactly matches the dimensions of the area where it will be fitted. Of course, smaller spaces are not the only areas that may require bespoke furniture to be created and, even if you have a massive expanse of space or an unusually proportioned bedroom you can still benefit from our leading service.

Not all homes are blessed with acres of free space. Whether you’re planning to redesign your own room, a room for the kids, or even the guest room, if you are short of space there are certain design tips that can help you to maximise what space you do have. One such tip is the use of fitted wardrobes.

Increase storage space

Storage is critical in a bedroom and with fitted bedrooms Manchester homeowners and residents can enjoy more storage than they would with free standing wardrobes. There is no lost room around the sides or the back of the wardrobe and the use of sliding doors means that you can benefit from more room at the front too. All of this additional storage allocation means that you could even enjoy as much as 50% more storage from something that looks only slightly larger.

Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes has a large selection of fitted bedrooms Manchester residents can enjoy. As well as creating wardrobes according to your dimensional and style preferences we can also customise other items of bedroom furniture to ensure that you have a uniform look running through all items of your bedroom furniture giving you a functional and beautiful space.