Fitted Bedrooms Chester

If you’re looking for high quality, customised, fitted bedrooms Chester then Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes has everything you need to create the perfect bedroom space. Whether you’re looking to increase the amount of storage you have in your own room, or you want something practical and robust to use in the kids’ room you can benefit from having a fitted wardrobe and custom furniture because it enables you to make the most of the space you have while also coming in a great array of styles and finishes.

Choosing material for your fitted wardrobes

One of the decisions you will need to make when you are considering having fitted wardrobes made for you is the material that you want the doors to be made from. Steel is among the more common material because of its strength and durability, as well as its range of finishes, but aluminium is lightweight and extremely flexible during the manufacturing and forming process which makes this a very good choice too.

Generally speaking, steel is less expensive than aluminium and it still offers very good strength and durability. It can also be finished in such a way that gives it a wood effect. However, while the doors will still slide easily enough, they will not be lightweight because steel is a heavy material. If you’re looking for a cost effective door material, though, steel is also good looking and flexible.

Aluminium sliding doors

When it comes to flexibility, however, our range of aluminium sliding doors are your best option. Aluminium can be formed in almost any shape, style, or design which makes it especially useful for its purpose. The aluminium can have a number of designs and additional layers wrapped around the outside so that you can enjoy wood effect and other effects added to your bedroom furniture.

At Cheshire Sliding Wardrobes we have an extensive catalogue of high quality sliding doors and can create fitted wardrobes that are completely bespoke. Whether you have a small or large room, or one that has unusual dimensions, a fitted bedroom can provide you with all the storage space you need coupled with good looks and finished with quality to ensure a long lasting and great looking bedroom.